AluK aluminium windows & doors – engineered for performance and style


Offering slimline aluminium frames and high thermal performance, the AluK system has been designed with ease of installation very much in mind, giving your customers a first class result every time.


AluK aluminium windows

AluK has been designing aluminium window systems for more than 20 years, surpassing standards of performance required in modern building projects.

Stylish, high quality and practical, the Optio range of aluminium windows offer slim sightlines and PAS24 security as standard.

  • Optio 58BW casement
  • 77IW Open-In Window
  • Optio 58BW TBT tilt-before-turn
  • 77IWE Open-Out Window
  • Optio 58BW ST steel replacement

AluK aluminium folding and sliding doors

AluK leads the way with a complete range of aluminium folding and door options, allowing architects and specifiers to design buildings where large expanses can be opened up.

The AluK range of aluminium folding and sliding doors includes Optio, Luminia for extra performance without compromising on style.

  • Optio BSC94 inline sliding door
  • Optio BSC94 lift and slide sliding door
  • Optio BSF70 bi-fold door
  • Luminia F82 bi-fold door

If you require a contemporary aluminium entrance door, we also offer the Optio 58BD Flush Entrance Door – available in a variety of formats, with slim sightlines and flush aesthetics.

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