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With a long history providing high-performance PVCu windows and doors across the world, the Deceuninck range combines impressive insulation and security levels with incredible aesthetics, making them the optimum all-round option for any property.


Abcell has added Deceuninck 2800 Heritage Sculptured windows, Flush Casement windows, Flush Residential doors and French doors to our extensive range. Manufactured with our Graf welders for almost invisible welds – the Abcell Deceuninck PVCu range of windows and doors is Seamless as Standard so you can offer your customers the best looking PVCu windows and doors available.

2800 Heritage Sculptured Windows

Offer your customers a unique style of window that adds class without compromising on performance. Although part of the Deceuninck Heritage collection, the 2800 Sculptured Sash window looks equally at home in a modern, contemporary property as it does in a traditional home.

Combining the style of timber windows with the high-performance, low-maintenance benefits of PVCu, 2800 Sculptured Sash windows are available in 30 colourways in smooth or woodgrain finishes and manufactured seamless as standard by the expert Abcell team, for an almost invisible weld.

Flush Casement Windows

Deceuninck Flush Casement Windows are an ideal choice to complement any property, whether modern or traditional. The sleek styling is further enhanced by Abcell’s seamless as standard fabrication.

Slim profiles provide your customers with greater sightlines in addition to impressive levels of thermal efficiency with U-values as low as 1.2 W/m2K and an energy rating of A+, as well as superior sound insulation.

With multi-point locking as standard and PAS24 accreditation, these windows present your customers with style, efficiency and outstanding security.

Flush Residential Doors

Deceuninck’s Flush Residential doors are designed with slim sightlines to give homeowners the maximum amount of daylight inside and this, combined with Abcell’s seamless as standard, almost invisible join, means you can offer your customers a truly premium door.

Colour options allow the doors to replicate both timber and aluminium with woodgrain or solid finishes available.

A woodgrain finish with heritage hardware options is a perfect traditional solution with modern performance benefits, ideal for period properties.

The Flush Residential door has incredible weather performance and energy efficiency, including:

  • Class 4 600 Pa Air Permeability
  • Class E1050 Pa Water Tightness (full frame)
  • Class A3 1200 Pa Wind Resistance
  • ‘A’ Energy Rating
  • U-values of 1.3 w/m2K for double glazing and 1.0 w/m2K for triple glazing.

Deceuninck French doors

A combination of expert craftsmanship and traditional design, French doors are a modern classic and the perfect way for homeowners to open their homes to the outdoors.

Deceuninck’s French Doors can be personalised to your customer’s requirements, with an attractive selection of colour options available as well as the option of inward or outward openings.

Replicating the look of timber but with the low maintenance and high thermal efficiency benefits of PVCu, Abcell’s seamless as standard fabrication gives these French Doors almost invisible welds for a truly elite offering.

Colour options

Abcell’s seamless as standard Deceuninck PVCu window and door range is available in a wide range of colour options, to ensure your customers are spoilt for choice.

Whether they want a standard white option or to experiment with a different colour, we have 30 different options to choose from.

Woodgrain effect finishes are also available to perfectly replicate the timber look in a number of shades such as Rosewood, Golden Oak and Irish Oak.

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